the dev process.

Moving fast is hard with a disorganized, "strung-together" process. We built the DevOps tech to centralize everything in adaptable instead.

project management.

Pilot your development initiatives with all the right tools to stay organized and focused.

handoff in our project wizard

Submit projects with templates using our project wizard including attaching files and embedding media. Our system identifies and pairs the right project manager and developer resources based on your criteria.

all your projects at a glance

Manage your backlog and steer project completion with a kanban or table view. Our interface of notifications and system messages ensures you're always in the loop.

never lose momentum

Our intuitive system creates your to-do list so that you can jump in at the right time. Know when you're in the clear and development is in progress.

manage your priorities instantly

Pause, complete, or toggle the active project at any frequency to service your most important goals. If things get crazy, upgrade your plan with 2sync to run two projects at once.

service all your brands

Organize projects by brand or sub-brand. Add, edit, or remove brands at any time with no limits.

bring your team to collaborate

Add workspace members to collaborate on project direction and feedback.

find things super fast

Universal search and powerful filters help you find what you're looking for in seconds.

progress and feedback.

Communicate expressively and efficiently.

dynamic requirements

Everything stays organized on your requirements. Updates made to the requirements are automatically processed to your account's development resource—no waiting for someone to "confirm receipt".

powerful editor

Compose requirements and comments in block-style, beautiful formatted text. Stay organized with headings, basic lists, checklists, and more. A drag and drop interface makes embedding media and attaching files easy.

annotate like a boss

Add annotated screenshots alongside written media, text or labels. Organize everything just like you do on your favorite docs tool.

your voice matters

We know text doesn't always work. Express your vision how you imagined it. Use Loom to record yourself and screen.

extend your abilities

Enhance how you process edits with contextual feedback using MarkUp.io. Pin your notes and drop the link in our app.

plans and services.

Manage ever aspect of your plan without jumping through hoops.

change it up at any time

Upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or go from monthly to quarterly and vise versa. Parallel our service to the ebb and flow of your business with ease.

get that special feature

Want a feature but your plan doesn't cover it? Instantly upgrade your project with a-la-carte add-ons to get it done.

get everyone on board

Add workspace members to collaborate on project direction and feedback.

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Understand our service and benefits.
See our platform and how in-app delegation works.
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